About the Community of Canyon Country.

Canyon Country Real Estate Brings Folks Together

Canyon Country real estate is another one of California's historical gems. It has incredible Native American significance, specifically to the Tataviam, Tongva, Kitanemuk, and Serrano tribes, and is now a suburban family hub located just north of exciting Los Angeles.

Canyon Country property boasts a very involved community, and it's easy to get to know neighbors, business owners, and regular visitors. They have a lively social scene, deriving in part from the beloved Canyon Country Community Center. The community center has classes like karate and other martial arts, dance, and many workout and fitness workshops for people ranging from toddler age to 85! Special Camps require early registration and fill up quick, but the community center also sports "Drop In Activities" perfect for busy families with flexible schedules. The Drop In classes include technology instruction, open computer time for all ages, Drop-N-Play time for children 12 years old and under, and the crowd favorite, Wii! Fun, and 18 years and older class dedicated to help young adults meet new friends and have a little chill time.

Connect to your Community on Canyon Country Property

The Santa Clarita community center is also available for event bookings, and they house a few neighborhood events of their own! Events range in genre from public and private art shows and educational forums to national spirit day events like Earth Arbor Day, Fourth of July celebrations, and more. One of the most popular events is the annual Concerts in the Park festival, where people of all ages can come together and enjoy music from all kinds of different ages and genres! It's a great way to make a community stick! Though it is a smaller community, the scenery and fresh California air make it a wonderful place to reconnect and start anew. Canyon Country real estate is the place for a fresh start! Connect to your community and find a place to really be yourself!