Are you getting ready to sell your home? Here are 3 simple steps that can help you out.

  • Freshen Up Curb Appeal - This is the first impression of your home. What does your front door look like? Is it clean, is the paint in good condition? Do you need to add mulch to your flower beds or add some new plants and flowers. Does your lawn look good?
  • Touch-up Paint Inside and Out - Do we really need to do this when buyers are just going to paint anyway? If your house shows rough it could lead to less money in your pocket. Touch up the corners or baseboards if needed. Maybe repaint a room that has a really bright color in it. Don’t forget the outside. Buyers will be looking at the trim, fascia boards and any patio covers. These could easily be touched up and made to look great.
  • De-Clutter - Less is More! Clean off the counters in your kitchen and bath. Pre-clean your closets and remove clothes so your closets look bigger. Start packing pictures and nick-nacks so you don’t have so many things around.

Call me for more information and further ideas to help you out.