It’s Almost Time To Move!

Most of the negotiations and tensions are over.  Congratulations!  It’s time to start packing and getting ready to move.  It’s also time to think about “feathering the nest” a bit for your buyer.  Buyer’s expectations vary, but everybody wants to move into a clean home.  Consider having cleaners come in the afternoon of your move out.

What is generally expected for the property:

  • All floors to be vacuumed (carpet)/linoleum and tile mopped.

  • Bathroom to be clean.

  • Kitchen to be clean, including all appliances.

  • Cupboard shelves to be dusted and/or wiped.

  • All debris removed from inside and outside of property.

  • Landscaping to be maintained as it was when the contract was written.

  • Garage free of debris and swept.

  • Patch holes from pictures. We suggest Patch Stick-Nail Hole Filler from The Home Depot.

Remember, the transaction is not over because escrow closes.  If the buyer is unhappy with the condition of the home, they can come after us to compensation them for damages.

We have found that a note of congratulations goes a long way towards making the buyer feel great about moving into their “new” home.

Remember, you will be expected to be completely out of the homes on the day escrow closes (unless otherwise stated in the contract).  Please don’t wait until the last minute to start packing and cleaning.  In spite of everyone’s best intentions, sometimes escrows don’t close exactly as scheduled.  Please try to be as flexible as possible should we experience any delaysThe sooner you start cleaning and packing, the easier your move will be.  Thank you!