Did not sell the first time?

Was Your Previous Agent Using Active or Passive Marketing Techniques?

Passive marketing is basically sitting around with your fingers crossed waiting for a buyer to shop up and buy your home…

Passive marketing is holding open houses, sending out flyers and advertising in the newspaper…

You see, these methods are passive and you can’t predict if they will work or not. Yet, agents that don’t want to work at getting your home sold will insist that they have sold many homes this way…And do you know what? I agree, you can get a home sold that way. But, you can’t guarantee it.


Active marketing on the other hand is much more aggressive and very predictable. I will be on the phone every single day and call 10, 25, and 50 even 100 people asking them if they would like to buy your home, if they know someone who would like to buy your home or if they would like to sell their house.

Why do I ask them if they would like me to sell their house? You see, the more signs I have out in the community, the more buyers that will call on those signs. The more buyer calls I get, the more people I can show your house to.


Now, which way, passive or active do you think gets more homes sold? Would you like me to spend all my time and effort doing what is proven to get your home sold or would you like me to sit around with my fingers crossed hoping a buyer happens to call? I advertise to the brokerage community; it has the qualified buyers for which we are looking.